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Brick pavers will never be out of style, they are elegant and will last a long time.

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sound"You guys were in and out and didn’t damage any of my property, and I just feel really good about it. I love it and I told everybody about it. It’s beautiful."
Nancy Fellows
Boca Raton FL

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worldYou can get in touch with me (Nilson Ricardo- owner) or one of N.Ricardo's Brick Pavers Specialists by tool free, direct line, email, fax, you name it. I'll be available 7 days a week.




Choosing the Best Company for Brick Pavers

Not unlike bricklayers, the art of laying brick pavers is a craft that has to be perfected and done with a great amount of care and skill. Choosing the right brick-pavers contractor is essential to having either a professional looking patio or walkway as opposed to a shoddy job that you are more or less stuck with.

What To Look For In a Brick Pavers Contractor
Reputation is everything in the construction business and a brick pavers contractor is no different. Ask to see credentials that your installers are ICPI Certified Professional Brick Pavers. ICPI stands for Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute and in order to become certified, one has to gain the technical and design skills outlined by the Institute. Those in the business of brick pavers are usually always members of the Better Business Bureau where you can check on any complaints that they may have on file. A brick pavers contractor will be proud of their artistic designs and invite you to see pictures or visit past customers. Years of experience and licensing are also important in making your selection.

What Type Of Services To Expect From A Brick Pavers Contractor
Most contractors offer complete installation, reinstallation and remodeling of brick and stone pavers. Brick pavers installers will also repair and maintain existing pavers if you are happy with your current layout but just have areas that are worn or cracked. Almost any outside or indoor area is within the realm of a brick pavers company. These may include driveways, entryways, paths, pool decks, sidewalks, patios, walkways or steps. Usually experienced in both commercial and residential applications, there isn't too much that they haven't seen.

What Are Brick Pavers Made Out Of And Are They Durable?
Interlocking brick pavers are made with a new technology using concrete and manufactured in a way that actually makes them stronger than poured concrete. Almost all products offer expansive warranties on their material and expect brick pavers installers are trained to lay in a way that the weight is evenly distributed. The colors and shapes are endless in creating either a simple brick or stone style or you can make eye-catching designs that are breathtaking. Your brick pavers contractor will be able to help you decide with different selections and suggestions for matching your property.

What Is Involved In Maintaining Brick Pavers?
Brick pavers need maintenance just like any other type of flooring. A good brick pavers contractor will seal your brick pavers to increase the wear but at some point, there will be areas that need to be cleaned and resealed. High pressure hosing and cleaning should be in a regular maintenance in addition to checking for areas that may have cracked from the ground shifting. The company that installs your brick pavers usually offers this service.

Remember, check with the BBB, ask for references and jobs completed in the past and make sure that all installers are ICPI certified. You are looking for an artisan that can bring out the best in your home's appearance that will last a long time. If you live in south Florida, check out www.brickpaversflorida.com for an excellent company that can fill all of the criteria of a brick pavers contractor.


More Testimonials

"Well, I don't even know were to begin. It looks stunning and now I have the prettiest house on the block.
But second, I had terrible problems with water settling at the end of my driveway for 17 years; I had to call my home owners association constantly to have them clean it.
And now that you guys have redone it, it's perfect, it has poured and I don't have a drop of water when it stops. And let me see what else, everybody was considerate about my property.
As you can see, I have curbing all around my landscaping which was very expensive and I was very worried about it being broken.
And there are no damages, it's absolutely beautiful. You guys were in and out and didn't damage any of my property, and I just feel really good about it.
I love it and I told everybody about it. It's beautiful."
Nancy Fellows
Boca Raton FL

"Nilson, this was a really enjoyable project for me, because when we first looked at the patio, I was bare and I didn’t have all of the details worked out of what it was going to look like. You came up with good suggestions, I asked a lot of questions, and after our first meeting, you came back with a proposal, a very detailed proposal and I wanted to thank you for that, I enjoyed it because it was very clear to me.
I’m a analytical person, and I want to know exactly what each item is going to cost me. From there of course, we went back and forth, I had questions, you had answers, and it wasn’t until you brought samples, and I think that was your idea. I enjoyed the openness and the frankness that we went back and forth, I asked questions that maybe it was unreasonable and you gave me answers that maybe were technically correct, but at the end of the day it was a lot of respect and a lot of good back and forth dialogs, and that really let up to a solid job.
As you can see from the rest of the video, the workmanship, the craftsmanship. You guys were there when you said you were going to be there, you finished in spite of all other delays caused by other contractors, you guys were always there and that was fantastic. This was amazing because this was almost 3,000 sq. ft. and it was not just the pavers, you had to rip out the deck, build the retaining walls and rebuild the deck, you had to cut the coping tiles individually there was a lot of work Nilson, I couldn’t be any happier."
Mr. Rick Reyes
Boca Raton FL

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