In our long list of clients we have many commercial and residential ones.
Our main coverage area is South Florida. But in several occasions we have served other further areas. We went as far as Panama City for a major project.
- Complete Installations, reinstallation, remodeling, repair and maintenance of brick and stone pavers.

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Pool decks

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And any other custom design

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applicationWhen You Prefer Brick Pavers, The Sky Is The Limit When The Subject Is Choice
Brick pavers will never be out of style, they are elegant and will last a long time.

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sound"You guys were in and out and didn’t damage any of my property, and I just feel really good about it. I love it and I told everybody about it. It’s beautiful."
Nancy Fellows
Boca Raton FL

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worldYou can get in touch with me (Nilson Ricardo- owner) or one of N.Ricardo's Brick Pavers Specialists by tool free, direct line, email, fax, you name it. I'll be available 7 days a week.




Creating Your Own Design With Brick Pavers

A Brick path, patio or driveway has always been stately with artful colors and patterns that accentuate the home and surrounding nature. Hundreds of choices today can let you present almost any type of display that you can think of.

Do You Know The 4 Basic Designs That Yo Can Lay Your New Pavement?
There are four basic designs to start with before getting lost in the maze of brick patterns and brick colors, blended into different scenarios. The stretcher bond pattern is a simple side-by-side formation that appears to stretch your deck or path when laid long ways. This is the simplest of all brick patterns to install. The basket weave pattern simulates an old English landscaping appearance that intertwines a 2-brick length and width to create a basket woven design. Usually used for a historic tone with older buildings, aged brick helps bring about a worn look.

The Design Recommended For Driveways And Heavy Traffic Areas
The herringbone brick pattern is by far the most popular and elegant when lain properly by an expert and can be presented in two separate ways. The 90-degree angle herringbone brick pattern has a domino look while the 45-degree angle slants the brick pattern in a unique fashion. Both of these styles are recommended for driveways and heavy traffic areas because the design helps accept heavy loads and pressure more easily. This brick formation is a real beauty to use on patios to help blend together elegant outside surroundings.

Romanesque Will Bring a Dramatic Look To Your Outdoors
While these brick patterns are the oldest and most popular, there are many new designs on the market that can add uniqueness to any outdoor area. Romanesque circles can lend a dramatic flair to a large area, presenting a round design for a focal point in your patio or deck. Romanesque fans create a scalloped look to your driveway or large patio area.

For a Vintage Slate Texture Use The Stonehurst Paver
Bringing out different types of stone are trendy in today's applications where brick is not always the look you hope to use. For example, the Stonehurst paver will give an appearance of a vintage slate texture. These brick patterns are used widely around pools and patios to create a more natural look with a finished slate rock. Available in different thickness, sizes and natural colors, your area will reflect a natural stone without hauling in this hard to find, and expensive, material.

For Patios and Walkways Collored Bricks Are The Ones
Brick colors are designed to add an earthy tone to outdoor patios and walkways. Clay soils consist of red, green, brown and buff and the colors that can be created from this mix are endless. Metallic undertones are also used to reflect such minerals as iron for a more realistic look. Everything from the lightest sand to the darkest of browns can be found in the massive selection of brick colors

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